Fairphone, smartphone etico

Fairphone smartphone etico

Avevo già parlato di Fairphone, il cellulare etico. Ora vi annuncio con piacere che l’ho ordinato e che a metà luglio mi arriverà. Ricordo che si tratta di uno smartphone conflict-free e ricordo anche la teoria chiamata effetto farfalla. Buona lettura e buona riflessione.

Dear Maria Rosaria,

Whether you ordered your Fairphone last month or just a few days ago, we want to get in touch and give you a quick update on production.

First off, we’d like to remind you that you bought your Fairphone during the pre-order campaign – meaning you paid in advance before production started. By pre-paying for your phone, you’re helping finance production, as well as ongoing initiatives that support our goal of creating a fairer economy. Plus, you’re ensuring that Fairphone can continue to operate as an independent social enterprise.

Mass production starts soon; phone delivery expected to begin mid-July

In the past two weeks, our production partner in China has completed two rounds of Design Validation Testing (DVT). This means that they are assembling smaller batches of a few hundred phones to check for design or material issues before full production begins in July. Read our latest production blog post for more information and a peek at the production facility.

When will your phone arrive?Fairphone smartphone etico

As of now, mass production is scheduled to start in July, so that first Fairphones will be shipped to customers in mid-July rolling throughout the summer. The earlier you ordered, the earlier you’ll receive your phone. At this moment, unfortunately we can’t give exact delivery dates. However, once Mass Production begins, we will have a blog post outlining details on the latest indication for phone delivery starting from the first phone shipment.

Of course – as soon as your Fairphone arrives in Europe and is delivered, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation email and tracking code.

Get the latest Fairphone news

Want to be sure you have all the latest news about Fairphone, including production and delivery updates? If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to the bi-weekly Fairphone newsletter.

Please note that buyers’ e-mails like the one you’re reading will only be sent to you regarding issues directly regarding your order. For community updates, you’ll need to subscribe to our general newsletter or join us on social media.

And if you have a specific question about your order that’s not covered by this email, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

Finally, join the community for a bit of fun while everyone waits for their phone to arrive. What are you doing while you wait for your Fairphone? See what other buyers are saying and join the discussion at #wearefairphone.

Kind regards,

The Fairphone Team

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